Portsmouth Memorial Bridge at night
Welcome to my webpage. If you vote at Lister Academy, 35 Sherburne Road, you are considered to be in Ward 3 by the City and District 27 by the State of New Hampshire. On this page I'll highlight some of my local goals and issues important to me as well as providing some updates on current issues that affect either Ward 3 directly, or that affect all of us in New Hampshire. I'll also mention issues or bills that need immediate attention and will list individuals and contact information so that you, as a NH resident, can contact office-holders and decision-makers prior to important decisions. This is part of what democracy is all about today. Please be an active participant.

My Goals and Issues

Update on Current Local Issues

2/14/19 HB 510 to Fund Noise Abatement at Pannaway Manor!!! (pdf)

After the visit of the Governor's senior assistant, Harold Parker (see Letters section - local topics), to the Pannaway neighborhood, on April 24, 2018, we are waiting for him to follow through with suggestions of how we can identify funding so that we can move ahead as a Type II noise abatement project. So far he has reported to me that he is in discussion with NHDOT concerning options, and that he has already come to some kind of agreement with the gas utility, Unitil, to install extra safety barriers between the Route 95 roadway and the gas utility shed. Meanwhile the City of Portsmouth is in the process of changing zoning provisions to comply with the Type II state requirements. Our city is looking not only at a small section of the Pannaway neighborhood, but at all the areas on the Route 95 corridor that are currently impacted by the noise. The City has already agreed to provide the required 20% of the funding should a Type II project be realized.

I have also reached out to our two US senators for their help, in light of the fact that this is a federal highway. Both Chris Scott of Senator Shaheen's office and Kerry Holmes of Senator Hassan's office have agreed to look into the matter. I am greatly indebted to Representative Laura Pantelakos for her fervent championing of this cause, as well as Representative Jackie Cali-Pitts. The City of Portsmouth has also been very supportive, whenever their help was needed.

Update on State Issues

Currently the legislature is not in session. However, we may be called back for an over-ride session to deal with some bills vetoed by the Governor. These include withholding support for the renewable biomass energy facilities in the North Country, increasing the solar net-metering cap from 1 Megawatt to 5 Megawatt, which would help small businesses and municipalities, and the rejection of the replacement of the death penalty from execution to life-without parole. (see Letters section-State Topics).

Take Action on Issues

If you wish to contact Governor Chris Sununu, his telephone number is (603)271-2121 or by email: Chris.Sununu@nh.gov.

The Executive Council can be reached at tel. (603)-271-3632 or by email: gcweb@nh.gov